Day 335: 30 Days to Go!

And so it is that I look at this blank page with only thirty days of this journey left. The home stretch.

When I finally reach that destination, I will talk about this year long challenge in detail, but for now, I need to say that this is by far the longest, most difficult challenge I have ever participated in. This post is a resolute commitment to the final four weeks and a few days. I am going to give this everything I’ve got. As Simon Benham says, I want to sprint through the finish line, not just limp through it. If I knew the enormity of the challenge, perhaps I would not have taken it on, but where’s the victory in that? Where’s the sense of achievement? The knowledge that I’ve pushed myself to do something big?

Thirty days. Here we go…


2 thoughts on “Day 335: 30 Days to Go!

  1. Dave, you are almost there! Imagine me as one of the volunteers at the side of a marathon handing runners water, oranges, and candy! YOU CAN DO IT! I look forward to hearing your pondering and musings on the journey as it really is life changing!! Well done!

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