Day 336: Worship – Honour Questions

My focus for 2013 is the word ‘honour’. I’ve committed to publicly honouring at least one person a day for the year. I love it. A quick google search for the word brought this definition to my attention:

1. to hold in respect or esteem
2. to show courteous behaviour towards
3. to worship
4. to confer a distinction upon
5. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) to accept and then pay when due (a cheque, draft, etc.)
6. to keep (one’s promise); fulfil (a previous agreement)

As a Christian, I can’t look at those descriptions of the word and not think of Jesus – the name that is above all other names. The King of Kings…how can I not hold Him in the highest possible respect or esteem. If anyone is worthy of distinction, it’s our Saviour, who shed his blood on the cross so that we might be reunited with our Creator. It’s glorious! Look at the third description – to worship. To honour God is to worship Him; to worship Him is to honour him. That’s an exciting thought.

Today at Revolution, we talked as a team about how we act as leaders both on and off the stage, how we reach the most people and how we help every single person we lead engage with God in the most powerful way. I want every member of the team to feel comfortable with trying new things, challenging traditions and exploring new ways to help people draw near to Him – the only constraints are the following ‘honour questions’:

1. Are my actions honouring God?
2. Are my actions helping other people to honour God?


As we’ve established, worship is all about honour and visa versa – therefore, honour has to be a huge part of our culture as a worship team. First and foremost, we need to glorify God in all we do. It’s what we were created for! Strictly speaking, if we were worshipping God entirely as we were created to and we didn’t have the rather problematic issue of sin to deal with, the second question would be pretty irrelevant. We’d all be so lost in worship that every action we took glorified God! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Honouring God in our actions can practically mean things like making sure we do our best to always speak well of others, making sure we offer our best to God during times of corporate worship, doing relationships well etc. But part of ‘leading’ worship is that we help other people to engage with God too.

One of the things I’m really keen for our teenage worship team to understand is their position as role models within the youth group. By choosing to lead worship, they are saying ‘I’m passionate enough about Jesus that I want to praise Him publicly, and help other people to meet with Him the way I have’. They choose to become shining examples of what it means to be passionate followers of Christ amongst their peers and as a result, people use them as guides to see what a strong relationship with Jesus looks like. People are often far more perceptive than we often give them credit for and are influenced much more easily than I think we realise. Considering how our actions affect the views of those around us can have lasting consequences. For example, if when worshipping on stage, I look miserable and bored, it doesn’t encourage people to worship Jesus with zeal and passion. If during the preacher’s message I’m talking, tweeting or leaving the meeting, others might begin to think that what I sing with passion about on stage is nothing more than a show for the people watching or that the preacher’s message is unimportant! If we are openly rude or disrespectful to others, we say to people that there’s no problem with directly disobeying the teachings of the Bible, which doesn’t help other people to honour God. Do you see what I’m saying?

So those are the two questions that are going to guide all we do in Revolution over the coming months – Are my actions honouring God? Are my actions helping other people to honour God? Hopefully, these questions will help to create freedom for the team to start thinking outside of the box in order to reach people and them engage with our wonderful God. It’s going to be a fantastic experiment!


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