Day 347: Some Things Never Change

As I left the house today, I saw her.

Her footsteps were decidedly heavier on one side, slowing her movement. Her shoulders were dropped, embraced by the straps of a blue satchel and sheltered from the rain by a fading beige coat. A bell-shaped transparent umbrella covered her face, rendered less-than see-through by the droplets of water that clung to it. From across the road, I could hear a faint mumbling – though I couldn’t make out the content of the words. When I was at school, I would see this lady every day. Someone so rife with idiosyncrasy isn’t easily forgotten. Nearly seven years have passed since my final school days; more than that since I saw this lady last…and yet it looks like she hasn’t changed in the slightest.

So much has happened in those seven years. Thousands of moments etched into my memory – there have been huge moments like standing on top of the Empire State building and the overwhelming view as we meandered through the mountains of Albania. Equally, there are seemingly insignificant moments – lazy days with friends in front of the television and standing alone, people-watching in a busy airport. I have learnt so much about music; about technology; about friendship and leadership. I have experienced God. I have been utterly transformed by Him. The trajectory of my life has shifted in such a way that it is barely recognisable from what it once was. I have found an occupation that I’m more passionate about now than ever – one that feels like it has been tailor-made for me…

…and yet, it looks like this lady hasn’t changed in the slightest.

That’s not to say she hasn’t changed. That’s not to say that she needs to. It’s just, after the whirlwind that my life has been subjected to in the years that have passed since I saw her last, it sort of caught me off guard a little. A serious case of deja vu.

Maybe this lady will never change. My mum’s incredible shepherd’s pie has never changed. It’s always been ridiculously good. England’s wet and dreary weather never changes. Some things never change. God never changes.

 ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ – Hebrews 13:8

‘I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.’ – Revelation 22:13

It’s such a comfort to look back on my life – on every moment and every memory and remember that God was the same in every single one of them. It’s such a comfort to delve into the farthest reaches of history and remember that God was the same. In every triumph and every tribulation; in everything, God never changes.
I’m so grateful for the quirky lady that walked past my house again today. It was a fantastic reminder that some things never change. Most importantly, it was a fantastic reminder that God never changes.

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