Day 349: A Little Note

Never underestimate the power of words.

It constantly amazes me how a few positive words of encouragement or affirmation can transform someone’s day. This one made mine:



It’s a little post-it note on my laptop that one of our Kerith Academy students, Marta Lingyte left for me. Aside from the fact it’s not actually true, it made my day. Something so simple put a massive smile on my face.

Look at it. It didn’t exactly take a lot of effort! Yet it’s so encouraging. Marta is a fantastic example of someone who loves to encourage. My challenge from this is to go that extra mile to make sure people know they are loved, supported and encouraged. I want to constantly honour people both in private and in public. I want other people to feel the way this little note made me feel. I’m so grateful for it!



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