Day 353: A Packed Life

After a phenomenal day of church, I rushed home and have just packed my bag for next’s week adventure. I’m slightly dazed and extremely jaded at the thought of waking up at 3am, but I can’t wait for the trip. But this isn’t about the trip, it’s about the packing. Here’s how to me, packing can be relevant to every day life:

1. Preparation Is Key

I have to be honest, I can’t have spent more than five minutes packing my bag – although, having travelled a little bit in the last few years I’d made sure to make sure everything was clean and accounted for before hand. That was not always the case. It often still isn’t in my life. Preparation is everything. When it comes to those ‘moment of truth’ situation, ensuring that you’re prepared for it is the difference often between success and failure.

2. Cut the Clutter

I’m flying with a certain low-cost, extremely low-quality airline and the baggage allowance is strict. That means anything that isn’t important or beneficial to me during my trip is savagely culled from my suitcase. I remember someone once taught me a wonderful prayer: ‘Lord, if it’s not from You, take it away.’ Often we pray for more; more provision, more finances, more friendships…or alternatively, we prayer for strengthening in many areas. But I love this prayer – choosing to ask God to take things that do me no good away. Personally, I’m struggling with a monstrously hefty schedule at the moment and this prayer is coming in particularly handy at the moment!

3. Don’t forget the essentials

I won’t lie to you. In the past I’ve packed my suitcase only to realise that I’ve forgotten toothbrushes, towels, even the adequate amount of underwear provision (yes, you heard that right. Sorry to the guys on the Albania 2011 tour). Now I’m a bit obsessive with the essentials. That’s not to say I’ll never forget something, but it happens far, far less. Knowing what the important things to pack over and above the extras is crucial for me now, and it’s also another crucial principle in my life at the moment. There are a few things – like praying, studying and at the moment, going to the gym that I’m prioritising right now. These things are ‘essentials’ to me right now; the need to feel closer to God, the need to pass my test and the need to improve my fitness are all crucial in this season of my life. If the structure of my life is like a suitcase, then those things are the essentials that get packed before anything else. What are the essentials in your life? Are there any things you are ‘forgetting to pack’?

Just a few thoughts for you. Looking forward to speaking to you from foreign soil again, it’s been a while.


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