Day 357: A Latvian Adventure

It’s been an amazing day. Leaving from Tallinn at a little after 7am, we drove down to Riga and while Virge worked, three Englishmen and a baby explored Latvia’s capital. To summarise – it was fun. But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about the journey home.

Mike was a valuable member of the worship team when he attended Kerith; Andy and I are still very active in the technical and worship teams respectively. Inevitably, talk turned to equipment. Having recently upgraded our system to an ‘in-ear monitoring’ system and with plans afoot to purchase something called a ‘vision mixer’ by the end of the year, we ended up debating the seemingly endless list of options that the church we are so passionate about could take in order to best help people meet with God. After nearly five years working for Kerith, I can safely tell you that very rarely will two people ever wholly agree on the correct course of action. This debate, whilst friendly and with the very best of interests at heart, ended with as inconclusive an answer as it started. A fairly standard, but nonetheless productive conversation…which soon progressed to other things.

We continued along a seemingly endless road, northwards towards our Estonian destination. Darkness was wrestling with the light for the privilege of holding the skies…and as victory was looking more and more of a certainty, a few lonely clouds became suddenly apparent as they floated in the crossfire. My headphones whispered a soundtrack for this spectacle: a ‘Hillsong Chapel’ version of the song ‘Rhythms of Grace’ repeating the simple words, ‘there’s none besides You, God’. It was magnificent.

I found out last night that I’ve visited just 7% of the countries in the world. After 24 years of existence, I’ve seen such a meagre portion of the countries residing on a planet that God created with nothing more than the uttering of His voice. Every car that rushes past us, little more than streams of light in the darkness is occupied by people who are known intimately by God – every detail, every thought, every moment.

As we drive along a darkening road in the middle of a country I’ve never seen before, I can’t help but see that sunset and think about how insignificant any talk about equipment is the light of who God is. The wonder of His majesty; His creativity; His grace; His love. As the Hillsong song stated so powerfully in that moment, there is no one who compares to the awesomeness of God. There will be other times to talk about technical stuff, but for now I want to spend the remainder of the journey doing little more than enjoying the glory of God!


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