Day 358: Idea Time

This is my thinking time.

The air stewardess has just collected my miniature can of orange juice. Today’s flight is accompanied by ‘Nothing is Wasted’, the latest album from Elevation Worship. Jo Owen’s book, entitled ‘How to Lead’ rests open on my tray, heavily weighted on one side as I approach the end.

This moment on a plane is one I adore; the freedom to read, to listen and to process. A number of the big ideas for Revolution (our youth worship team) have come directly from these moments. Already, my mind is buzzing with sparks of ideas, the combination of the solitude offered on the flight and the insight of the books I have the opportunity to delve into at these points.

Unfortunately, I can’t simply hop on a plane every time I need ideas, but I’m realising that there are a few principles from this time that I could certainly make more use of:

1. Force out distractions

One of the struggles in my life at the moment is creating those times of quiet and solitude – times when distractions are kept out of the picture for a brief period of time, or at least long enough to focus properly. It’s all too easy for our thoughts and ideas to be contaminated by the surrounding environment (although not always a bad thing). In a world of iPhones, laptops and so on, finding the space to calm the unrelenting information storm can be crucial to releasing creativity.

2. Actively seek ideas, don’t wait for them to appear

It’s very easy for us to expect strokes of brilliance or the perfect idea to float like a feather into our laps, but often they require far more thought. Mind-maps, whiteboards or even simply sparing the time, as mentioned above, can be enough to start getting creative ideas going. Think of it as ‘idea-hunting’. For a successful hunt (not that I condone it in anyway), preparation is crucial. From then on, an idea often needs to be tracked before it can be found.

3. Choose to learn the experiences from the experience of others

Jo Owen’s book on leadership has been a fantastic insight into leading in a business context. The principles that he talks about have stirred some thoughts and ideas in me about how I can improve the way I work and the way I lead – it’s been hugely beneficial. No doubt, at some point, I would probably have learnt some of these principles somewhere, but when?! Learning from others can make such a difference when it comes to inspiring new ideas.

How do you come up with ideas? Do you have a favourite place or time?


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