Day 361: Press Save

Today I finished my assignment far quicker than I planned, leaving a whole Monday afternoon wide open to play with the new keyboard sounds I bought a little while ago. From a composing point of view, there’s a whole new possibility of orchestral sounds that leaves me like a child in a sweet shop. Amazing!

After two hours of glorious solitude enjoying my own little musical world, the unthinkable happened. My laptop crashed. Two hours of composition lost – I hadn’t saved it.

To say I was a little disappointed is somewhat of an understatement.

As irritating as it was, I began to think about how it relates to life in general. There are times where life crashes – where that ‘up and to the right’ trajectory spirals downwards and suddenly, it feels like you’ve taken a few steps backwards. My thought for the day is this: it’s inevitable we will experience some sort of crash moments, but if we save regularly, the consequences won’t be felt in such a significant way. Let me explain what I mean.

When you experience a great moment, be sure to press the ‘save’ button in your head. Savour it. If someone wiser than you offers you a teaching moment, save it. When saved combined, the memories and lessons accumulated over the course of time ensure that those crashes become nothing more than minor inconveniences.

Don’t forget to press save!


One thought on “Day 361: Press Save

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