Day 364: Youth Band Worship

I’m grateful that Revolution, the Kerith Community Church youth worship team, have given me a reason to write about them on this penultimate day of the challenge.

As usual, we gathered for our time together as a team before splitting into our three separate bands – the team I was with today met in the studio. Having talked through the upcoming set list, we attempted to practice the songs until it became apparent that any significant progression would be unlikely. The band just didn’t know the songs – my fault entirely for not sending out the set lists sooner, but rather than dwell on practising songs we didn’t know well enough, we spent time simply worshipping God together. For me, it was a pretty powerful experience.

Part of leading a youth worship team (for me, at least) is the perpetual concern that the young people are more interested in playing their instruments than worshipping God. There have been times in years gone by where that might very well been the case; but even if it was, those days are long gone now. It was so refreshing and exciting to hear the unashamed, uninhibited and unplugged worship of a passionate group of young people who lay their instruments to one side in order to get on and worship God without distraction. It was brilliant being able to spend time praying for each other and dwelling in the presence of God with no sense of awkwardness. For me, that’s pretty much the perfect scenario.

If you attend Kerith Community Church, I want to tell you in this last opportunity of the challenge (I’ve got something else in mind for tomorrow) just how inspirational these young people are. They are the real deal. Passionate, talented worshippers who want to give all they have to se Jesus glorified. If these are the guys who will be leading the church in worship in years to come, the future is in great hands. I want the last thing I say about Revolution in this blog challenge to be this:

I couldn’t be more proud of this wonderful team of young people. They are truly awesome.


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