TMT#3 Why Paper Books Are (Almost) Dead To Me

Previously, I discussed the steps I'm taking towards digital minimalism: getting digital resources to work as a means and not the end (as social media tends to be for so many of us now). One area that escapes the digital culling process is reading. Presently, I will refuse almost all paper books in favour of … Continue reading TMT#3 Why Paper Books Are (Almost) Dead To Me

TMT#2 – Digital Minimalism

Social networks are crippling contemporary culture. There, I said it. Several books I've read recently (see below) have seriously challenged my beliefs about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and just how absorbed I had become in them (for years). Let's talk about "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport. Here's some food for thought (arranged for clarity): "Young … Continue reading TMT#2 – Digital Minimalism